5 Actionable Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019

The year 2019 is in and by now most of the business house, start-ups and entrepreneurs have already chalked out the digital media marketing strategy and road map for the year. 2018 has been dramatic, there was the AI burst and everyone wanted a piece of it. Needless to say, 2019 has already started in a high pitch as far as Digital Marketing is concerned; both in terms of competition and digital strategy innovation!

So to those who are still fighting to lay the plan or need a bit push, here’s the ultimate list of Five (5) power-punch Digital Marketing strategies for 2019. These strategies are going to make the kill for you, so read it, spread it and mostly grow out of it!

But before starting off, please tune up with these facts!

Digital penetration and usage statistics for 2019

Digital penetration and usage statistics for 2019 by Techdisha

Evidently, lot has happened in 2018, but interestingly it is only the tip of the iceberg. 2019 will be phenomenal in terms of creative exposure and interesting digital strategy mix for the brands and organization. Keep these strategy pointers in your digital marketing plans to augment growth and have a sustainable ROI.

Digital Media Marketing Strategy #1:

The year is of AI and AI based services. So if you are still in doubt and yet to know the potential of AI, I suggest this will be the right time to do so. AI based chat-bots are bringing new lease of life to customer experience and serviceability. AI when integrated with your strategy not only automates, it also go easy on budget in long term besides saving your time and eyes!

Digital Media Marketing Strategy #2:

With the increasing popularity of Google assistant and Alexa ; AI based smart speakers are projected to reach a market revenue worth 17 billion by 2022. It’s the high time to align digital marketing strategies with these advance voice search elements. Keywords will undoubtedly be more up to the point and long sentences in voice search, therefore SEO strategy must follow the suit. Things like “pizza shop near me” typed now in your smart-phone browser can be replaced by “best cheese burst pizza delivery in south Delhi” in voice search.

Digital Media Marketing Strategy #3:

Data and analytics will become crucial element in 2019 Digital Marketing Plans. High competition, less time and more to offer will become the reason of sleepless nights for many entrepreneurs and marketers. So, start off with a clear understanding of target audience and their requirement. Analytics has always been in limelight for long, but now onward it is going to be inseparable from your smart marketing plans. Utilizing effective tools and developing advance data capturing mechanism will give you a head start.

Digital Media Marketing Strategy #4:

As per the latest research by CISCO, there are some alarming information which can be put to a good use while devising a smart digital marketing plan in 2019. Let’s look at them:

  • Video will represent 80% of all Internet traffic by 2021
  • There will be nearly 1.9 billion Internet video users by 2021
  • They’ll be watching 3 trillion minutes of video per month by 

With more and more social and internet video channels on rise, obviously video marketing becomes an essential cornerstone of digital marketing layout. However, segmenting the video categories and delivering it to the right audience will be the key points that marketers and video makers need to focus. Combining with data and your audience interest video marketing can open a goldmine of opportunity. Short video episodes and streaming stories are increasingly becoming popular, thanks to Netflix and Amazon videos. It is clear audiences are shifting to video content now more than ever, so the right time to strike a chord with your target audience.

Digital Media Marketing Strategy #5:

Social Media and Social media stories are the trend that is going to stay in 2019. With the popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook , social media stories have more than 400 million users who are active and always engaged in story publishing and posting. There’s a huge prospect for brands to engage effectively with TG via visually enticing social media story. This can be a very good start for a Social Media Marketing tactics too. Instagram stories are already a favorite medium to reach a huge chunk of TG and quite a few brands like Airbnb quizzical stories or E News attractive visual stories are already garnering nice eyeballs. Also regular social story posting offers brand genuineness, authority and stays at top of the mind of consumers.

And a last but not the least Bonus Tip:

STORYTELLING. Yes, make this a priority to weave a tale around your brand. Audiences no longer are interested in “run the mills” content. Content should be engaging, relate-able and with a purpose. Effective storytelling is an art, so if you have some nice smart storyteller in your team, please pass me the contact!! Yes, such is the demand. Well in a serious note, the storytelling will play a pivotal role for brands and early adopters will be of gain.

Hope these tips offer some insight and helps fellow marketers. Do read, subscribe and share the post!

Good Luck!

About Author:

Sayani is an unconventional (in an interesting way) digital marketing consultant. She has been engaged with more than 100 MNC clients and start ups globally. Being an early entrant in the domain, her insight and knowledge is firm and fundamentally strong. Her methods and strategies have always been appreciated in the industry. She is also associated as a visiting faculty teaching with various education institutions sharing her knowledge and educating future marketers.  She is currently staying in Kolkata and currently working as Digital Marketer for a Rural Digital Initiative.
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