The basic backbone of any successful company is the sharp mind and trained professionals. The age of digitalization has increases the demand of ITes professionals significantly. But seizing the right candidate for a speciality knowledge process job has become a challenge for many companies. There is no denying of the fact that how critical it is to find the right kind of specialist for the project. Identifying this need, we at Tech Disha have introduced our flexible ITes resourcing service for companies.
We offer ITes and KPO resources for all industries. Our recruitment can be availed for contract, permanent and flexible off-site modes depending on client’s requirement. We have realized that resourcing of ITes professionals have gained all-time high demand, now more with digitalization in every business sectors. Every company from E-commerce, KPO, IT to other Digital organization need a professional resourcing partner for smooth project completion.
We have a knack of understanding client requirement promptly and provide appropriate expert accordingly. We also share an open and all-time approachable relationship with our candidates so that a project or a long time job is been delivered smoothly. We are committed to provide quality and train-able resources for our clients. Every industry and every company has a distinct requirement as a result the resources we provide are intelligent and has a knack to learn. These two attributes of our resources make us a preferred resourcing partner for clients across globe.
Our off site resourcing have also created a buzz among our patrons due to its no-worry and flexibility. Tech Disha always value the importance of intellectual assets. With our year’s long expertise and knowledge of digital advancement we can assess the candidature for ITes or knowledge process job perfectly. Tech Disha have been a dedicated company striving to create an unparalleled involvement to our clients in the successful completion of projects.

Content for E- Business

Defining New Age E-Commerce Content

E- Business is today’s present term and every smart businesses especially b2c are opening their e-store to enter the whole new dimension of shopping. This in turn have opened a new avenue of E-commerce content writing.

Nearly every prominent industry right from manufacturing, clothing, education and other retail entities are setting up their e-commerce site. But that’s not the end of story. The success of these E-businesses or E commerce sites depends largely on online traffic. Which in turn is attracted to the relevant and useful contents of your dynamic e-commerce sites. Therefore e commerce content alone is a crucial meter to judge the success rate of your site.
Beside there is a huge amount of content work is involved in developing product description. Product description is very crucial part of  e commerce content since it requires specialized writing expertise to attract customers . Understanding the customer intent and crafting content to appeal the attention is a tough job. So getting professional E Business Content for your e-business may actually help in getting high and relevant traffic to the e commerce sites.

E-commerce Content model

The E-commerce Content model is highly recommended and followed by the content professionals of Techdisha.

Distinctly there are three main entities of E business that requires continuous content generation to attract potential customers online as described below:

Therefore it is evident that content for e-business is the utmost necessary element to conduct a successful online presence. The team of Techdisha not only generate e business content  but also distribute them judiciously in relevant channel so that you can witness a high ROI and value driven traffic. Therefore the content which is forming the basic backbone of your product description or information , definitely needs more attention.

It’s definitely the right time to act;
act smart!


D – Diligence
R – Responsibility
I – Ingenuity

Together create the ‘DRIVE’ that propels Techdisha towards excellence.

We offer unparalleled variety of digital media marketing and data management solutions to our clients across the globe. Right from high volume data, intelligent content sourcing, e-business content or uninterrupted support services for forums and user driven sites; Techdisha does it all with accuracy and dedication. We also offers experienced and skilled resources for various ITes tasks and data specialists for a flexible business operation. Our creative and out of the box digital growth strategies have helped many start-ups and established industry players . Our digital marketing teams are currently working in Delhi/NCR and Kolkata region. But we are accessible throughout the globe, that’s the key take-away of going “digital”.

It is no longer a secret that companies are scaling up their progress chart by outsourcing. They majorly outsources various ITes, Data Management, KPO and other support services like forum management and user generated content management. Outsourcing non-core activities not only saves time, but also saves your money. While you concentrate in strategic development of your company’s essential and priority based assignments, we look after your non core functions. This in turn smoother up your operational processes efficiently. Tech Disha have been offering professional services in the field of data management, content sourcing, e commerce content, resourcing, forum management and other Knowledge support activities . Our services are designed to assist our clients in managing huge data, digital contents, strategically deliver digital media marketing solution, user generated contents and information  effectively. We have been offering insight driven solution in the domain of content marketing and digital media consultancy for more than a decade. 

Our pragmatic vision is coupled with rich experience and professional capabilities enabling us to stay ahead of competition. Tech Disha is an innovation-centric organization where we have employed some finest talent of the industry. Our team of excellent data specialists, researchers, content experts, digital media marketing professionals, consultants, technology professionals and skilled managers who work relentlessly to deliver a project accurately. People at Tech Disha constantly innovates new idea to align the challenging demand of the dynamic global market. We are committed in delivering quality services to our clients.

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“Success is just not being lucky. It comes to them who aspire to be different and has the courage to tread the difficult path.”

Based on this philosophy our core function always stays on the fact of creating a value added services for our clients in all our digital marketing solutions. Techdisha have aptly utilised the skills, technology, smart processes and advance application to evolve and deliver nothing but the best.

Our comprehensive solutions are tailored to suit individual project requirement. We at Techdisha  follow a strategic outlook to handle the project cycle which is demonstrated as below:

Tech Disha's collaborative Knowledge Support Project Management Model

Tech Disha’s collaborative Knowledge Support Project Management Model

As described in the above ,  Tech Disha is a perfect blend of Collaborative planning, Integrated Process Management followed by Strong Relationship management.  In this digitally influenced business scenario, we have aligned all our services with perfect digital media marketing strategies. This ensures maximum exposure to our clients in every possible digital channels and medias. We, at Techdisha offers all our services with an aim to augment and grow our client’s business exposure significantly. The service model as depicted above essentially covers all the fundamental aspect of techdisha’s comprehensive project management capabilities.

We understand how important every aspect of business holds for our clients and therefore our services are crafted to align the business objective seamlessly. The digital marketing solution of Techdisha standout from the rest due  to its highly planned and industry apt approaches. 

We are offering a comprehensive solution in the domain of digital marketing, data management, content sourcing and resourcing. We are fortunate to be associated with some leading clients of the industry. Motivation and kudos from our clients and patrons for our services are highly appreciated.  We hope to continue providing our dedicated and professional services to our clients across industry relentlessly.

About Us

Techdisha is yet another initiative of leading brand management company iMedia Disha Pvt. Ltd designed to cater the fascinating digital world on global platform. Being in the industry for long, we have crafted a niche of our own, we call it ‘efficiency driven superior services’.Backed by a team of experienced industry professionals, ardent management and competent process, we are able to deliver not just the project but also ‘an enriching experience’ to our clients.Our capability in handling varied KPO project, data assignments, ecommerce content management and other content sourcing tasks irrespective of industry types .

Our commitment to the projects and transparent working culture keep us ahead from the rest. In the dynamic Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and information industry we know turn around and quality plays leading role. As a result we follow a stringent quality measures and high turn around to facilitate a satisfying experience for our clients.

Our relentless quest to offer better service to our clients have been recognised and appreciated both in industry and among our patrons. We always engage in organic and content rich activities to help client garner true market sentiments and informations. Since the KPO Industry requires diverse capabilities and skills, we have garnered a team of various skill based professional that is required to start up a project without any time loss.

Techdisha have been associated with the industry leaders and have delivered innumerable services to clients across the globe. Our prominent presence in European subcontinent and UAE has acted as a catalyst to expand our reach to the rest of the word. It is our endeavour to create a benchmark of excellence with our growing aptitude, smart moves, quality services and confidence to excel.