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So, if you are searching this page probably you already know the basics of Digital marketing and why you need it. In case you don’t why not check it here.  In this world of automation and digital liberty, it is essential for every business and individual to craft their digital media presence. Needless to say, digital media marketing is a tailor made solution that we offer after understanding the business objective.

With a host of exclusive digital media marketing services under Techdisha’s digital arm, we have understood that each project is a unique case. And trust us, the Digital Sherlocks of Techdisha loves cracking cases.
We won’t boast that we have worked with some eminent and noted MNCs as well as Indian startups and helped them grow. (Oh did we just boast it?). Unlike many digital companies we are solely committed in growing our client’s business rather than attending competition shows of best agencies in the ‘whatever’.

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Though we are present in Delhi/NCR and Kolkata, however it is digital world and we are offering digital services. So we are available around the globe. Ping us, call us, mail us …a hundred ways to connect with us !


D – Diligence
R – Responsibility
I – Ingenuity

Together create the ‘DRIVE’ that propels Techdisha towards excellence.

We offer unparalleled variety of digital media marketing and data management solutions to our clients across the globe. Right from high volume data, intelligent content sourcing, e-business content or uninterrupted support services for forums and user driven sites; Techdisha does it all with accuracy and dedication. We also offers experienced and skilled resources for various ITes tasks and data specialists for a flexible business operation. Our creative and out of the box digital growth strategies have helped many start-ups and established industry players . Our digital marketing teams are currently working in Delhi/NCR and Kolkata region. But we are accessible throughout the globe, that’s the key take-away of going “digital”.

It is no longer a secret that companies are scaling up their progress chart by outsourcing. They majorly outsources various ITes, Data Management, KPO and other support services like forum management and user generated content management. Outsourcing non-core activities not only saves time, but also saves your money. While you concentrate in strategic development of your company’s essential and priority based assignments, we look after your non core functions. This in turn smoother up your operational processes efficiently. Tech Disha have been offering professional services in the field of data management, content sourcing, e commerce content, resourcing, forum management and other Knowledge support activities . Our services are designed to assist our clients in managing huge data, digital contents, strategically deliver digital media marketing solution, user generated contents and information  effectively. We have been offering insight driven solution in the domain of content marketing and digital media consultancy for more than a decade. 

Our pragmatic vision is coupled with rich experience and professional capabilities enabling us to stay ahead of competition. Tech Disha is an innovation-centric organization where we have employed some finest talent of the industry. Our team of excellent data specialists, researchers, content experts, digital media marketing professionals, consultants, technology professionals and skilled managers who work relentlessly to deliver a project accurately. People at Tech Disha constantly innovates new idea to align the challenging demand of the dynamic global market. We are committed in delivering quality services to our clients.

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