24 x 7 Moderation & Support

Scale up revenue and increase user engagement, hire Techdisha’s expert moderation & Support services.

Today, every brand depends hugely on customer engagement and therefore gives a lot of importance to online customer experience. Also the presence in social media is an added feature that helps in getting customer reactions more vividly. Naturally every growing and grown company stays on heel to manage this online presence positively. It is to be noted that each day billions of users stays active on various social media channels. There may be a customer review to be addressed or a query to be answered and tweak out awful messages, therefore alertness and intelligent approach is essential in maintaining the online presence of your brand.


At Techdisha we provide sharp and smart human moderation offering positive impact of your brand. To make that possible in every way, Techdisha’s moderation and support services is a perfect amalgamation of experience and smart technological processes creating a ROI based community activities. We merge strategy, domain knowledge to enhance user experience and just not restrict ourselves in mere review of contents. Our various engagement plans drives more traffic and augment your brand manifold times. Some of the fundamental highlights of our moderation solution are:

  • Continuous Support: We moderate 24 x 7 and 365 days maintaining quality and safety of your brand throughout.
  • Superior Protection: While there are keywords filtering tool available in most moderation platform but we walk extra mile by tweaking out abusive, illegal or brand damaging content by professionals manually who follows a strict quality process.
  • Technological advancement: We use state-of-the-art technology to aid us in maintaining a superior moderation solution. However, it is eye for details that ultimately results into superior quality. In most cases clients has a specific tool and platform to run on the moderation process and we can easily align our capabilities to operate our services accordingly. We regularly update our insight and technological knowledge in order to provide our clients best in class and efficiency centric moderation support services.