Content Sourcing


The increasing prominence of online business and practically every business going digital, content has now become the backbone of every business. Each and every day internet platform buzzes with huge content generation both from users and organizations. Therefore managing these huge bulks of content is an uphill task. Therefore Content Sourcing have caught the attention of  companies and business owners . Smart marketers have now realized that right content at right place in right time is the actual key to reach at the heart of his consumers. However finding all these attributes in a single professional is not possible.

Addressing this challenge Tech Disha have come out with specialized content sourcing solution where all your content needs are available under one roof. Basically our Content Sourcing solution engulfs:

  • Content procurement where we collect relevant user generated content from various sources. This solution is ideal for Research companies, Travel Industry, E-Businesses B2B and B2C companies.
  • Content Creation for E-Business where various specialized writing skill is involved like writing product descriptions, reviews, technical specifications and other content generation.
  • Customized Content Solution is a tailor made service where content is generated as per client’s demand. We have housed some very talented content writers who meet global standards and have a deep understanding of industry and business dynamics.